Saturday, 25 May 2013

FMP for Creative Graphics and Media Year 1

The purpose of this project was to develop four brands for four restaurants called Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

The Air restaurant specializes in bird, fowl and egg dishes. The Earth restaurant specializes in vegetarian, vegan and organic dishes. The Fire restaurant specializes in bold and spicy dishes. The Water restaurant specializes in fish and seafood dishes.

Below is the branding for each restaurant and also some items that contain the branding, such as tablecloths and chopsticks.

Please note that this project is a college project and not for commercial purposes.

Brand for the Air restaurant.

Brand for the Earth restaurant.

Brand for the Fire restaurant.

Brand for the Water restaurant.

Flyer for the Air restaurant.

Flyer for the Earth restaurant.

Flyer for the Fire restaurant.

Flyer for the Water restaurant.
Table cloth for the Air restaurant.

Table cloth for the Earth restaurant.

Chop sticks for the Fire restaurant.

Table cloth for the Water restaurant.

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